Thought about S.S.C Examination Result.

By | May 4, 2017

Today is the Thursday, May, 2017. In this day the S.S.C result is going to be published at 2 pm. Every year this result published in different time. But this year it was published in this day. In Bangladesh many thousands of students attended the S.S.C exam. The students are thinking and thinking about this result! They will be anxious about their result. Their parents go to Temple/Mosque for pray to Almighty for their good result. During the S.S.C exam the  Mosque remain crowd. Through the students pray their self to God, Now Bangladesh is going to be a digital country. SO they do not want to go  Mosque or Temple. In this time we can know their result in the web. The person who has mobile phone he can know the result. The education board will publish the result. The admission depends on the result. A student will feel better result. Some students can fail in exam. When their result was bad they feel unwell. Then they fall down. But they should run their study. The result of S.S.C exam build the future of the examine. A student life depends on this S.S.C Exam.

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