Simple things yet so Complex

By | August 18, 2017

For most of us, life is full of obstacles and challenges. We have to deal with many problems. Just think of the life of an average person. Many of us find it very difficult to maintain satisfactory grades in our educational life. Even before that, we feel that studying is boring and try to jump to every opportunity to take a break from it. We also find it difficult to do our jobs properly. We have to struggle all our life to maintain normal health. Studying properly, working 9-5 to earn some money and maintaining normal health should not be that tough but most of us struggle.

I am not talking about getting straight A in every course, I am not talking about earning million dollar a month or I am not talking about having zero figure or becoming a world class body builder. I am talking about normal life with mediocre achievements. Why many of us fail to achieve that? Perhaps the main reason is that we are obsessed with greed. We are greedy for everything in life. We want to be perfect in many things. Thus, we lose the normal balance in life.

We also start to love and crave for the wrong things. We love to have top grades but we should love to read and write. We love money but we should love to work with passion. We love to eat tasty food and then we look for artificial ways to make us more beautiful and attractive. Instead, we should try to change our eating habit and focus on exercising.

Many of us have surely forgotten the simple lessons of life. We have lost simplicity and that is why, life can become very complicated. I may appear to be too naïve here and you may argue that real life is full of challenges and obstacles. You are right, may I am getting too much carried away here. However, I am right too. If you can master the skill of loving to study then you are bound to become a good student whether you can have top grades or not. If you love your work then you will surely have a decent income no matter what you do.

Modern life is full of distractions. Mobile phones, Internet, Facebook, television- these things are nice for communication and entertainment. At the same time, these things can distract you a lot. When we lose our focus then not only a lot of time gets wasted from our daily life also we become addicted to procrastination. I read a lot of content online but I hardly read a book these days. In other words, I have lost the habit of reading something larger than 3000 words.  This is sad because I have been always an avid reader. I read a lot more than past but not reading books is not a good thing.

When life becomes complicated then you lose the ability to do very simple tasks. Then you lose the ability to work properly and you cannot move forward in life. At one stage, you start to worry about all the problems in life. Small problems become very big inside your head and you lose the ability to deal with them. Gradually, you become weak mentally and you start to lose your productivity. So, you will start to fail in almost anything you try. Even, you start feeling that trying is useless as only failure is ahead of you.

Failure is not bad if you can learn from it. But consistent failure will destroy your confidence as well will create fear in you. At one stage, you will lose the urge in your mind to seriously try for something. Even you will not want to go to doctor if you become sick. Instead you will feel that the doctor cannot help you or you will not be able to follow the advice.

I am sure that many of you reading this post can relate to your life with what I have written so far. It happens to many of us. We lose our way in life at a very young age and then we lose our confidence. If you can relate your current condition to this post then do not fear. Try to come out of it but even if you fail then do not fear. It may take one year to get back to normal life. It may even get 5 years to get back to life. No matter how many times you fail or how many years it takes, do not be afraid and do not lose your hope. Your confidence will get shattered and even you will fall into many problems. Yet, keep the hope alive.

It has taken only 30 minutes of my time to write until this part of the article. May be it will take just another 10 minutes of time to finish. When I started writing the article, I decided to forget everything else and just focus on writing it. I did not care whether it will be a good article or it will be read one thousand times. I just tried to write it and it is almost finished now. If I can do it every day then I will have an article to publish here. More than that, my skill, quality and speed will increase over time.

This simple lesson is true for any work- writing, doing business, selling, marketing or any profession. The more you do something on a regular basis the better you become. So, just try to get back to simple aspects of life. Try to focus on your work. More than everything do not lose hope.

Final words- it has taken only 35 minutes of time to write this article. Just focus on finding your own skill and try to improve it.

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