Reality Of The Education System Of Bangladesh

By | May 1, 2017

Here I am feeling a little good by getting the chance to write again. Here I am sharing some of my feeling about the last video which was published by Ayman Sadiq who is the founder of 10 Minute School. Just yesterday when I watched that extraordinary and spectacular video in which he shared his dream about the education system of Bangladesh. Because of our present education is nothing more than memorized education. Students are currently unable to understand anything of our text book. The funniest matter is only 54% of teacher understood the creative commons question style.  The rest 45% are maximum from the south corner of Bangladesh. But our government was started creative questions styles in 2005. Sorry for asking that why only 54% of teacher just understood this question and education system?? In that video Mohammed Zafor Iqbal sir said “In past when anyone came to may to say that his or her child get A+ in exam, I thought WOW! He/She is so talented student. But nowadays when anyone comes to me for saying that his or her child gets A+ in exam, I say Alas! Maybe this student suffered a lot!”

By watching this part of this video I have got knowledge to understand about our education system! This is on the way of Destroy and removes the talent from our country. At present days according to the system we just going to the exam hall and writing with our memorized lessons. We forget everything by finish that exam. In this way we are just getting GPA/CGPA and nothing I am really sad but ensuring that students of Bangladesh are now really exhausted for this kind education. Families are just testing their child with the result. But they are still unable to understand about the hidden talent of their child. This means maybe someone expert at drawing. Maybe someone is expert in singing, someone in Dancing, Maybe someone speak so good or act so fine or expert to play cricket/football. I think a family does not deserve the power to kill the hidden talent or power of their child. They don’t deserve the power to take out the human rights of any student or boy/girl. Now we guys mean the students are hunting for an education system in which we will get so much joy to study. In which students will get the opportunity to show their special talent. We are just doing study and not getting any kind of profit.  Also this study is not helping us to use in real life. So, I am also agree with Ayman Sadiq and Mohammed Zafor Iqbal sir to make a different kind education system. We want to ensure the human rights of every student. We want to see a tremendous education qualification system to prove that every student has some excellent and better talent. At the last stage I just want to say that our education system has destroyed now. We should recover it.  Corruption should be removed from our country. Bye for today as well. Keep everything simple and lead a good and healthy life.

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