Move ahead in life with Confidence

By | August 13, 2017

Confidence is a must have quality for all of us. However, many of us lack it and it brings misery in our life. When we have the belief that we are good for nothing then it will be almost impossible to do well in life. This absence of self-confidence will destroy any will power in us.

Sadly, I live in a society where most people feel that unless you have good grades in your exams, you are not a good student. It does not matter what you know, it also does not matter whether you are passionate about knowledge. So, many people consider that they have the right to make fun of you. So, many of us tend to memorize almost everything and they end up not having any creativity. Many parents even frown upon their children for reading story books or books outside of the school syllabus.

There is another common scenario present in our society about work or profession- you are measures according to your wealth or income. It does not matter if you earned it honestly or not, it also does not matter if you are skilled or hard working. You have money and you are considered to be successful- this is the common rule. As a result, many of us feel disheartened and discouraged and perhaps depressed.

This causes that we lose interest to try for our career- be it a job or a business. We feel sad and we lose any interest for trying to shine in our profession. This is a sad reality. Trying seriously in life is a very good quality. It brings a lot of happiness and satisfaction in the end. May be at first, we feel depressed when we do not get the proper recognition we deserve. However, when we keep on trying, we start to see some success and at one stage, we feel satisfaction from our profession.

I am not saying that you should try for good grades or you should try to earn more money. Of course, they are important and you should try your best. However, what I am trying to state here is that you should focus on studying seriously, you should try to develop passion for knowledge, you should try to be serious in your profession and enjoy the hard work. You should not go for any short cut. You should also be satisfied with your income and you should not get depressed.

Never lose your confidence and neglect when others laugh at you. Do not change your personality. You cannot satisfy everyone, you should even try for it. Rather, try to be honest and hard-working and that matters a lot.  Trust me, this will bring real happiness and satisfaction.

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