Let’s Become Skilled Workforce

By | May 12, 2017

Today there are many jobs where very need of English and Internet are. Why is there need it about are: there are countries in the world with many languages. But to communicate with them, we have to speak all language. But, one who man cannot speak all the language. So, we need a common language that we can use with more or less all the people in the world. English is common language. Because, most of the people can speak English all time. If we would like to meet with a greatest man then English has to significant. Many people believe that, English is much heard subject. So, easy way to learn English, Internet is very important. The way to learn English about is:

  1. English news
  2. English movies
  3. English sports
  4. English newspaper
  5. English novel
  6. Chat with your friends.

The world has become smaller by Internet. We can communicate with the whole world easily by Internet. Currently, communicate has made this English easier. If we do purpose our education management realize bitterly at present time. Actually, this year our S.S.C. exam’s paper evaluation very herald. This year are new preparation every work. Then, I also don’t support our educational management to my personality. Because, present rates of education above the highlighted depends on high rate of result. But, trued education cannot found. Examples:

Most of the intellectual student for reading of the suggestion, They got G.P.A.(5).But, they don’t found good jobs. They read book many times but they are reading orally them every subject. But unfortunately, at the moment they are teaching them subject mainly those exams. They cannot found trued education. They blind believe an oral examination. Beside, you’re textbook, newspaper, magazine, the television and computer. I believe that, English or Internet can greatly help you become skilled workforce. We have to know English, computer and general knowledge as our life hacks.

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