My Ambition

By | May 12, 2017

Hello , I am Nipu Barai. I am a student. I read in class nine at Naiarbari Bahumukhi High School. My father’s name is Subodh Barai. He is a farmer. My mother’s name is Manika Barai. She is a housewife. My village name is Nairbari. My village peoples are conforming poverty. They can’t cured because we don’t  have hospital and expert doctor. There are a few quacks. They can’t serve properly. The village people died without medical treatment. So, I would like to be a doctor. I will make a hospital in our village. In this hospital, I would like to be a doctor. I selected that; it was my profession in future life. I want to serve my village people free treatment. I will not take money from patient. I would like to help distressed poor women all time. Whenever I get time, I think about my village. I am feeling the present situation in my village. I believe that, doctor is second God. Because anyone can’t cured without the doctor are under probity now. I don’t want it. Hence, I would like to some work for my village. So, I will help my village people every time. It is my ambition.

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